Systinet Reseller Partners resell Systinet products and value-added services to customers. Also when appropriate, Systinet refers sales opportunities to Reseller Partners.

Reseller Partner Benefits:

  • Discounts on licenses for resale
  • Free Systinet products for internal use (development, testing, staging), including upgrades
  • Ability to re-distribute Systinet free evaluation licenses
  • Access to sales support materials (collateral, demos, case studies, whitepapers, etc.)
  • Access to Systinet sales people and systems engineers
  • Discounts on training
  • Discounts on technical support
  • Sales referrals from Systinet
  • Co-marketing activities (e.g. involvement in newsletter, press release, seminars, co-branding)
  • Access to briefings on Systinet future product plans
  • Automatic participation in Beta and Early Access programs
  • Company listing in Systinet Partner Directory
  • Use of Systinet Partner logo

Reseller Partner Requirements:

  • Proven experience with reputable customers, and with relevant technologies
  • Comprehensive sales, marketing, services and support
  • Systinet training certification, by product

How to join the Reseller Partner Program