Systinet is member of following consortiums and programs:

Java Community Process The Sun Java Community Process (JCP). As we are on the Web Services technology edge, we are taking part in JCP expert groups to define new Java frameworks and APIs. We are implementing these standards in our products as soon as they are published. We are members of the JSR 101 – Java API for XML RPC and JSR 110 – Java API for WSDL processing expert groups.
W3C The World Wide Web Consortium. We are participating in the development of the new generation of XML-based protocols in the XML Protocol working group. We contribute with our experience with SOAP stack development to the project.
UDDI The UDDI advisory group (UAG). We actively help to design new specifications for UDDI. We are implementing the newest UDDI technologies in our WASP UDDI Standard product.
Oasis OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, is a non-profit, international consortium that creates interoperable industry specifications based on public standards such as XML and SGML, as well as others that are related to structured information processing.