Roman Stanek — CEO, Founder

Roman Stanek is the Founder and CEO of Systinet. Roman served until recently as Director of Engineering for Software Platforms and Products at Sun Microsystems. An entrepreneur as well as a seasoned engineer, Roman was responsible for delivering the Forte for Java Community and Internet Edition products, which form the basis of Sun’s Java tools strategy. Stanek was the founder and CEO of NetBeans, Inc., a software development company specializing in enterprise applications written in the Java programming language, prior to the company’s acquisition by Sun in October 1999.

Wendell Lansford — President

Wendell Lansford was previously VP of Business Development at eGain Communications, an e-commerce customer service software company in Silicon Valley. Prior to eGain, Wendell served as President and CEO of Sitebridge Corporation, a software company that he co-founded in 1996 and sold to eGain in 1999. Wendell also held technology management positions at CondeNet, the online division of Conde Nast Publications, and Internet Consulting Corporation, a company he co-founded and sold in 1994. Prior to that, he served as an engineer for Bellcore (now named Telcordia). Wendell holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tulsa, and an M.S. in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University.

Anne Thomas Manes — CTO

Before joining Systinet, Anne was Director of Market Innovation at Sun Microsystems where she explored innovative ways to apply technology to create new solutions. Before joining Sun, Anne was a senior analyst with the Patricia Seybold Group, and editor-in-chief of “Distributed Computing Monitor”, a monthly newsletter. Anne developed her expertise working in field service, education, system administration, development, product management, and technical evangelism at a number of the world’s leading hardware and software companies. Anne earned a BA in economics from Wellesley College.

Radovan Janecek — VP of Engineering

Prior to joining Systinet in 2000, Radovan Janecek worked for IBM T.J. Watson Research Institute. His research and development was focused on software-based speech processing engines, and multi-modal control of software applications. He also worked for Borland/Inprise as a CORBA and Java consultant. Prior to that, Radovan was a PhD candidate and served on the faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, where he studied as a member of the CORBA and Distributed Systems Research Group. Radovan holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and Informatics from Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Zdenek Svoboda — Product Marketing

Zdenek Svoboda was previously a senior consultant at Alfa Consult, a technology consulting company based in Luxembourg and Switzerland. While at Alfa, Zdenek helped ClearStream, the second largest clearing bank in Europe, architect its on-line clearing platform. Prior to Alfa Consult, Zdenek held various pre- and post-sales technical consulting roles for SilverStream, Sybase and Powersoft. Zdenek holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Czech Technical University.

Ian Bruce – Director, Marketing

Prior to joining Systinet, Ian was Head of Marketing for the London-based IT consultancy CWB, which was acquired by Thales Information Systems. He has also held senior marketing positions with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and Analog Devices. Ian has a PhD in Mass Communication from Syracuse University.